EdTech courses

EDTC 300 – Spring 2018 (Online)
  • “I really enjoyed how knowledgeable Katia is with technology. She is a great professor who made this class so much better. I really enjoyed how the instructor encouraged us to support and motivate other students. This created a very positive learning environment.”
  • “Loved this class. So engaging and interesting content that was delivered well.”
  • “This was by far the best online class I have ever had. Everyone was so engaged and helpful. Katia was so quick to answer questions and provide amazing resources. She also equipped the class with tools and skills they will be able to carry on into their career.”
  • “The organization and course content was amazing! This class should be mandatory.”
  • “Katia was great. She was extremely helpful and never made me feel stupid. She was always kind and patient.”
  • “I was reluctant to take an online course but this class was great!”
ECMP 355 – Winter 2017 (Online)
  • I have a lot of online tools that I can use now. I really wish that this course was recommended for before internship so that I could put to use some of my new resources. Katia is very knowledgeable, engaging, and approachable. I really appreciated her sharing her knowledge with us.”
  • “The course was awesome, Katia was very helpful and accommodating. I really appreciate how organized and helpful Katia was, technology is not strong area, but because of Katias help, feedback, and lots of help I succeeded.”
  • “This course has been very beneficial in teaching me about technology and how to utilize it with students. All course content was very relevant to us as teachers and important for us to know. The assignments were beneficial and well planned. The prof was very knowledgeable about course content.”
  • “The assignments in this course were great for what we were learning. Katia was helpful and made the class fun and engaging.”
  • “Overall, a fabulous class. I would refer this class and prof to anyone. Super helpful class for educators to take.”