Core studies courses

ECS311 – Fall 2018
  • “This was an excellent course. Very beneficial to my process of becoming an educator.
  • The class discussions were most meaningful in this class. We approached difficult topics and were able to create a safe space for us to share and learn. Professor was constantly bringing in current events for us to discuss which is very important.”
  • “I like how it deals with topics that are important but are often not discussed as they can be uncomfortable. Katia was always willing to give us feed back and help us walk through any issues that arose. She encouraged students to speak their views and was never judgmental. She created a space where we were able to work through thinking through the challenging issues.”
  • “I love the dynamic of a small orientated class where everyone is free to talk about everything they are thinking! My favorite teacher by far, always makes the class enjoyable and makes sure the class is on task and allows for conversations.”
ECS 110 – Fall 2018 (Co-instructed with Audrey Aamodt)
  • “Katia did a wonderful job of introducing new ideas and concepts to the class. She constantly got us thinking. With this being an online course I didn’t have my hopes set very high and I didn’t expect to get as much out of it as I did. I truly enjoyed this course.
  • “The entire class brought to my attention things I should have learned as a child in the education system. I appreciate what Audrey and Katia taught with grace, understanding and were very assertive. I recommend everyone take this class regardless of the faculty.”
  • “I loved it!!!!! My favourite class so far through out my time in university.”
  • “The class was very interesting the instructors made it easy to engage in discussions and were very helpful with everything. Instructors were always easy to get a hold of when I had questions and were very quick to respond.”
  • It was insightful. We were confronted with topics that were at times uncomfortable, but Audrey and Katia did a very good job at helping us understand and move forward.”
ECS 210 – Fall 2018 (Co-instructed with Dr. Mike Cappello)
  • “I have appreciated the opportunity the professors gave to acquire more understanding towards curriculum. The way the information was scaffolded together to develop deeper knowledge towards what the curriculum looks like and how to use it in Saskatchewan, along with proceeding to use it with a critical scope.”
  • “Katia was a really great seminar leader and was excellent at giving explanations for assignments and helping students with whatever she could. Her lectures were engaging and gave students a lot of useful material. As it was based off a lecture, it extended into deeper understandings and explorations of topics.”
  • “Our conversations are always engaging and welcoming for everyone to jump into and usually discuss issues that are avoided in conversations or make you feel uncomfortable. Being able to openly discuss things like this, or even being able to begin discussing these issues is so important as a teacher to be able to address them in your classroom instead of ignoring them or letting the binary/ stereotypes continue.”
  • “ Love Katia’s seminars, she is so open and willing to discuss anything and does not make you feel stupid for thinking a certain way, just begins to problematize it with you.”
ECS 110 – Fall 2016 (Online)
  • “I have especially appreciated Katia’s openness about her own feelings and opinions, and backing up her knowledge with factual based information. Additionally, her empathy, encouragement of group discussion and for individuals, and her energy to open the minds of the me and my fellow students. I also enjoyed the course platform and thought it was very effective for online learning.”
  • “Katia is a relevant and realistic instructor who is awesome to learn from and very good at making assignments and due dates match the class, as well as allowing for us to always improve and put our best work forward.”
  • “Katia is an amazing teacher. She makes difficult topics exciting to learn about. This class was very beneficial to me, in many ways. I like that she includes live classes. The readings and discussions are highly relevant.”
  • “Katia was a fabulous instructor. The class material was very eye opening and it should be come mandatory for everyone not just future teachers. Katia was the best professor I have had in my somewhat long post secondary career. Her insights about real-world situations helped the class to my everyday life in a way that I am able to apply course content to my life daily. Thank you so much Katia, for opening my mind to the most important topics that are often thought to be fragile to discuss. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to be taught by you.”
ECS 301 – Fall 2014
  • “Class was always engaging and enjoyable. The environment allowed us to share ideas and challenge others. We explored many topics and related them to our placements. Very well done. Great use of technology.”
  • “Katia’s knowledge and understanding of pre-service teachers was outstanding. She made the class light up everyday even with strong topics of discussion. She is honest, dedicated and such an amazing professor. Best the Education Department has.”
  • “I really appreciate that Katia incorporated all of her personal experiences to share with us. Katia has so much knowledge and experience that makes her such a great teacher. I really liked how she brought in things that were happening in the news around us to teach us lessons about teaching.
  • “The lecture component of the class was always very informative. Katia consistently related our lectures to current events and personal experiences (both from her own life and ours) which made the discussions more engaging. We had some very intense/engaging/ thoughtful/debatable discussions throughout the semester.”
  • “Katia is an amazing educator from whom I continue to learn from. Her passion and knowledge surrounding educator inspires me daily. She has all of our best interests at heart and has been more than supportive through the ‘tougher’ times this semester brought. I am thankful for experiencing her kindness and support throughout this semester.”
  • “Katia is one of the most inspiring, funny, caring, smart, respectful people I have had the opportunity to get to know, let alone take a class from. She not only truly cares about our learning and success, but cares about us as people as well. She is so understanding when it comes to personal problems, and she is always available to just talk, if need be. As a teacher, I aspire to be as inspiring and knowledgeable as Katia is. She really reinforced, for me, that teachers need to be personable and open and genuinely care for their students, because that’s what they will remember and reflect on.”